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Mark Hanson Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Y CD

Format: Paperback, 80pp.
ISBN: 0786658932
Publisher: Accent on Music
Pub. Date: September  2001
Edition Desc: BOOK & CD

This book is unique in that it is authored by Mark Hanson, a fingerstyle guitarist, who has authored over two dozen books and videos on varying aspects of guitar playing.  His contribution to the world of slack key is a book which covers songs of not one artist but several masters including Ray Kane, Sonny Chillingworth, Cyril Pahinui, Leonard Kwan and Ledward Ka`apana.  If you want to add songs to your repertoire, this is the book for you.

A knowledgeable source and student of one of the above named masters told me that there are some inaccuracies in the tablature as compared to the way his late teacher played it.  So I guess as the student, you should realize this is simply the result of a well-trained musician writing tablature, which can be an art more than science, the way he hears it.  Nevertheless, I think Mark Hanson has achieved his goal "to help preserve the music these musicians have produced, and to help spread the gospel of slack key among guitarists around the world."  It should be noted that the tablature has been written in an attempt to reflect each song as the master recorded it.

Each piece is clearly written in both tablature and standard musical notation.  The CD includes a brief excerpt of each piece at performance speed and then a full recording at slow speed.  I think this book is well done and better suited to intermediate/advanced students desiring to expand their repertoire with some great songs.  Mark Hanson also includes two of his own slack key songs as well as his own arrangement of Aloha `Oe.

Rating: Intermediate/Advanced
Songs (Tunings):

La Paloma - Ray Kane (Taro Patch)
Nanea Kou Maka I Ka Le`ale`a - Ray Kane (Taro Patch)
Moe `Uhane ("Dream Slack Key") - Sonny Chillingworth (Taro Patch)
Ho`omalu Slack Key - Sonny Chillingworth (Taro Patch)
Young Street Blues - Cyril Pahinui (Taro Patch)
Radio Hula - Ledward Ka`apana (Taro Patch)
Hula Blues - Sonny Chillingworth (Taro Patch)
Punahele - Ray Kane (G Wahine)
Sanoe - Cyril Pahinui (D6add9)
Ke`ala's Mele - Leonard Kwan (C Wahine/Leonard's C)
Spouting Horn - Mark Hanson (C Wahine)
Waimea Canyon - Mark Hanson (C Wahine)
Aloha `Oe - Queen Lili`uokalani / arr. Mark Hanson (C Wahine)

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