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Hapa A Collection Of Songs From Their Debut Album Y   

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Power Chord Music
Pub. Date: 1997
Edition Desc: BOOK

This book was transcribed and published by Keith Sakaguchi of Power Chord Music in Honolulu. His first "book" contained tunes by Country Comfort, the second by Cecilio and Kapono. Unfortunately, Power Chord Music is no longer around so this book is out-of-print.

The Hapa songbook contains 7 songs, composed by guitar wizard Barry Flanagan, all from Hapa's debut album. Although the majority of songs featured here are in standard tuning making it more contemporary Hawaiian music than slack key, it still as a place here with two songs in Taro Patch. Three arrangements have vocals and four are instrumentals.  Barry's songs are definitely for more advanced players. I have no idea how accurate Sakaguchi's tablatures are, but the tabs are complete with Barry's show-stopping neck bends (down) and harmonics bent up (at the nut) so they're good enough for me. I can dream of playing these songs someday. I loved this album, and if you did too - this book is for you.

Rating: Advanced
Songs (Tunings):

Haleakala Ku Hanohano (Standard)
Kaopuiki Aloha (Taro Patch)
Anjuli (Standard)
Lei Pikake (Standard)
Olinda Road (Standard)
Ku`ulei, Ku`uipo (Standard)
Justin's Lullabye (Taro Patch)

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