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Raymond Kane Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Y N
Raymond Kane Out-of-Print
89-103 Haleakala Ave
Waianae, HI 96792-4005

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1978
Edition Desc: BOOK

This book, which is currently out-of-print, was written by Reri Tava Jobe, one of Uncle Ray's students. On occasion, this book can still be purchased from the Kane family directly as the instruction book is reprinted in small batches.

Uncle Ray has taught countless students his slack key style including George Kuo and Bobby Modeiro (Mauna Lua). This book does a fine job of documenting Uncle Ray's music and style and is great food for any hungry slack key student. Because there is no accompanying cassette or CD, this book can be a great supplement to one of Uncle Ray's instructional video tapes. Students will probably need to reference Uncle's recordings, because the book contain only tab and does not indicate rhythms or tempos. In addition to tablature for 12 songs, the book includes chord charts and tablature for some of Uncle's intros, vamps and endings. 11 songs are instrumentals and 1 song, Hi`ilawe, has lyrics and the guitar accompaniment for the song tabbed out. Beginners might have a difficult time figuring out this tab.

Rating: Intermediate/Advanced
Songs (Tunings):

Keiki Slack Key (Taro Patch)
Auwe! (Taro Patch)
Pua Sardinia (Taro Patch)
Willy's Tune (Taro Patch)
Wa`ahila (G Wahine or Namakelua)
Maui Chimes (Taro Patch)
Meleana E (Taro Patch)
Kila Haleakala (Old Maunaloa)
Waialae (F - FCEGCE)
Hi`ilawe (C - CGDGBE)
Punahele (G Wahine or Namakelua)
Moana Chimes (Taro Patch)

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