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Keola Beamer and Mark Nelson Learn How to Play Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Y CD

Format: 160pp.
ISBN: 0786641096
Publisher: Mel Bay Pubns
Pub. Date: May  1999
Edition Desc: BOOK & CD

Keola Beamer and Mark Nelson have collaborated to give us a comprehensive slack key method, and it is the hardest for me to write about.  Why?  Just look at how many songs are in this book!?!?  This book could very well be the slack key bible of the 21st century if people give it the chance.

The challenge?  There is just so much content here that the faint of heart might put this book down before giving it its due.   Shame on me!  I am included in that bunch.

This book is different from many others in that it does not always provide complete tabs for each song.  It gives you enough tab (12 -24 measures) to get the gist of the song and then the rest is up to you.   Perhaps this is a good way to encourage students to play around with arrangements on their own and not get too attached to tablature.  However, it is my personal opinion that this is better suited for advanced students.  Beginners may feel the need to have tabs (i.e. their hand held) throughout an entire song.

On to the good stuff.  This book contains more songs (28) and tunings (11) than any other slack key instruction book that I have ever seen.  Regardless if whether songs are tabbed in their entirety or only 15 measures, you can learn so much from this book.  Common turnarounds or vamps are provided in Taro Patch and C Wahine tunings to help the student understand these tunings.  The music is interlaced with Keola stories and Keola Q&A's.  Finally, this book concludes with some duets that Keola and Mark have arranged to get you started playing with other people.  Slack key is not limited as a solo instrument after all.  What would hawaiian music be without kanikapila (jamming)?

If you're serious about learning slack key, you should own this book.  I promise to give it a try myself.

Rating: Intermediate/Advanced
Songs (Tunings):

Kuwili (Taro Patch)
Pu`u O Hulu (Taro Patch)
Pa`ahana (Taro Patch)
Lei `Ohu (Taro Patch)
`Alekoki (Taro Patch)
Hula O Makee (Taro Patch)
Kahuli Aku (Taro Patch)
Sase (Taro Patch)
Hilo March (Taro Patch)
Maika`i Ka Makani O Kohala (Taro Patch)
Matt's Bounce (Taro Patch)
Keolaokalani (Taro Patch)
Ahi Wela (C Wahine)
Pupu O `Ewa (C Wahine)
Wehiwehi `Oe (C Wahine)
`Ulili E (Modified C Wahine CGDGBD)
Ki Ho`alu (Mauna Loa)
Sweet Leilehua (C Major)
Hame Pila (D Wahine)
Isalei (D Wahine)
Aunty Alice Namakelua Slack Key (Bb Wahine)
Ua Like No A Like (F Wahine)
Hi`ilawe (G-6th)
Playful Popoki (Double Slack)
Ka Makani `Olu`olu (Double Slack)
Akaka Falls (duet in C Wahine)
Ki Hi`alu Muschief (duet F Wahine & Taro Patch slacked to F)
Tiare Tahiti (duet in F Wahine, capo 2 and Taro Patch)

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