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Leonard Kwan Slack Key Instruction Book Y N
Leonard Kwan OUT-OF-PRINT

Format: 83pp.
Publisher: Margaret V. Williams-Tufft / Tradewinds Recordings
Pub. Date: 1980
Edition Desc: BOOK

Also referred to as "the Red Book", this book documents the work of the late master slack key artist Leonard Kwan. While Leonard could read and write music, Dennis Ladd spent more than a year collaborating with Leonard to set down this unique style of slack key in tablature attempting to be true to recordings. Boy am I thankful for this book - especially since Leonard did not perform very much.

I think this book is very well done. Like Ozzie's book which was published 15 years later, the Red Book is organized similarly because of Dennis Ladd's involvement. Each song is written in tablature and musical notation and prefaced by instructional notes. The big difference here is that Leonard's book does NOT include any accompanying cassette or CD. This poses a major challenge to the student. Recordings of Leonard's work are sometimes difficult to find, although Dancing Cat has released his music on CD. Chord charts for each tuning are also included in the book.

Rating: Advanced
Songs (Tunings):

Manini (Taro Patch)
Sase (Taro Patch)
Opihi Moemoe (Taro Patch)
Opihi Bounce (Taro Patch)
Nahenahe (Drop C)
Ki Ho`alu (A - EAEEAE)
Pau Pilikia (C-6th - XGCGAE)
Old Maunaloa (Old Maunaloa)
Opae Tumatuma (D Major 7th or Wahine)
Opihi Momona Nui (G Major 7th)

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