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Ron Loo He Kalana Kakau Ki Ho`alu: Helu `Elua
A Slack Key Notebook - Number 2
Ron Loo

Format:Paperback, 76pp.
ISBN: 1885332025
Publisher: Pila Nahenahe
Pub. Date: January 1992

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Rating: Beginner
Songs (Tunings):

Kane`ohe (Taro Patch)
He Aloha No `O Honolulu (Taro Patch)
Ka Mele No Pomaika`i (Taro Patch)
Moana Chimes (Taro Patch)
Ahulili (Taro Patch)
Salomila (C6th C-G-C-G-A-E)
Na Pua Lei Ilima (Taro Patch)

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