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Ozzie Kotani Guitar Playing Hawaiian Style with Ozzie Kotani
Ki Ho`alu Volume 1. DVD
Ozzie Kotani

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Format: DVD 85 minutes
NTSC English: Stereo. Not Rated.
Pub. Date: 2007
2007 Ozzie Kotani and Jonathan Johnson. All rights reserved.

Slack key artist Ozzie Kotani reveals in depth how he plays the unique Hawaiian guitar style known as ki ho'alu or slack key. In his refined teaching style, Ozzie demonstrates the fundamentals of the folk tradition in the Taro Patch Tuning, offering extensive hints, options and suggestions. As a supplement to lessons or to complement his best selling book, GUITAR PLAYING HAWAIIAN STYLE, this DVD will be a treasured resource to interested and curious guitarists of all fingerstyles. Explore ki ho'alu at your own pace with Ozzie as he brings you into the tradition with a focused process and compositions that springboards the viewer into playing slack key with songs such as Kani Ki Ho'alu (The Sound of Slack Key), Molehu (Dusk), and 'Awiwi (Hurry) with on screen tablature. Then, progress to higher levels as Ozzie demonstrates his emphasis on gaining a sense of ownership in the execution of a song, by stepping away from tablature and improvising.

Advanced Feature: Presentations of "Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua," "Maika'i Ka Makani O Kohala," and "Kaula Ili." "This section will challenge and inspire students to apply what they have learned in the traditional manner by watching, listening and then experimenting without the use of any notation."

Summary: Multi-angle shots and close-ups makes this slack key instructional DVD foundational and enjoyable for anyone interested in one of the obscurest fingerstyles still to be explored - from novice to the advanced guitar player. Using split screen and on screen tablature notation, the student will be able to follow both hands of respected artist and instructor Ozzie Kotani as he carefully guides the viewer through the selected songs.

Drawing on a teaching method crafted while he taught at the University of Hawaii, Ozzie includes variations, options, and suggestions over the range of subject matters covered on this, his first, DVD.

Hop aboard and see how easy it is to start playing guitar Hawaiian style!

Chapters include: Introduction to Slack Key, The History of Slack Key, Tunings, Taro Patch Tuning, How to Read Tablature Notation, Techniques and Ornamentations: Vamps, Ritard, Sustain, Barre, Chimes, Strum, Slides, Pull Offs, Add Ons, Hammers, Right Hand, Left Hand, Tuning by Frets, Developing a Picking Style; Introduction to Kani Ki Ho'alu, Kani Ki Ho'alu, Kani Ki Ho'alu Play Along Slowly, Kani Ki Ho'alu Improvised & Embellished; Open and Closed Positions, Molehu, Molehu Improvised & Embellished; 'Awiwi; Advanced Feature: This section will challenge and inspire students to learn in the traditional manner. Watch, listen and experiment without the use of tablature, Kaula Ili, Maika'i Ka Makani o Kohala.

"Ozzie is among the most naturally gifted teachers I've ever known. His instruction is unfailingly clear, engaging, well-presented, and inspiring - this is pedagogy of the highest rank! Ozzie's teaching materials are required reading for our ki ho'alu seminar at Stanford - and our students are lucky, indeed, to have access to his outstanding mentorship in this beautiful art form."
-Steve Sano, Chair, Department of Music, Stanford University

"Ozzie Kotani is one of the great Hawaiian slack key guitarists. He is one of the leading educators in slack key having taught slack key courses at the University of Hawai'i and sharing through private lessons and workshops. Ozzie continually explores new ways of teaching and bringing slack key guitar to the public. This DVD is one of the manifestations of this endeavor."
- George Winston

Ozzie Kotani is a featured artist on the 2006 and 2007 Grammy Award-winning albums Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Vol. 1 and Legends of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar-Live from Maui. He was also honored with the 2004 Na Hoku Hanohano Ki Ho'alu Award.

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Rating: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

1. Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua
2. Kani Ki Ho'alu
3. Molehu
4. Awiwi
5. Kaula Ili
6. Maika'i Ka Makani o Kohala

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