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(non-instructional) The History of the Sons of Hawaii   
Sons of Hawaii

Format: DVD 80 minutes
Rating: NR
Pub. Date: 2000

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SONS OF HAWAI‘I: A Sound, A Band, A Legend (2000)
HSV #1070 - 80 Minutes - Color
Hawai‘i International Film Festival nominated for Best Documentary

“Eddie Kamae’s popularity as a musical renaissance man and leader of the seminal band Sons of Hawai‘i, has been eclipsed by his appetite for filmmaking and his ability to capture voices of Hawai‘i’s musical and cultural legacies.”

—Wayne Harada, Advertiser Entertainment Editor

This 80-minute feature length documentary, the seventh in the Kamaes’ award winning Hawaiian Legacy Series, tells the story of the charismatic band that helped launch the Hawaiian cultural renaissance. Spanning forty years of Hawai‘i’s rich musical tradition, the film offers an intimate look at a unique group of performers and composers: their songs, their humor, and their devotion to a sound that continues to convey something essential about the Hawaiian spirit.

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