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 Kala Electric Soprano raffle, San Diego (Carlsbad)
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Posted - 06/07/2009 :  10:02:15 AM  Show Profile
On Thursday, June 11, 2009 the Ukulele Society of America will
be giving away a kala Soprano Electric Travel ukulele, a Roland
Microcube battery/AC amplifier and a RCA MP3 player as a
grand prize at the drawing celebrating Kamehameha Day. There
will be other prizes, too:


All you have to do is be present and be a member of the Ukulele
Society of America in good standing. It's easy to do. Show up at:

Ocean House
300 Carlsbad Village Dr
Carlsbad, CA 92008

at 6:00pm and pay your $2 buck club dues at the door. You are
now officially a member and entered into the drawing (there will
be other prizes, too). There will be one entry per member. Enjoy
playing the ukulele and singing along. Later in the evening the
names will be drawn. Dress Hawaiian style, if possible. We won't
turn anyone away for not dressing Hawaiian. Come one, come all.

You may also want to download the large songbook from our club


The grand prize will consist of the following items:

Kala Soprano electric/acoustic travel ukulele with spruce top and
mahogany sides and back. Geared Machine tuners and a passive
piezoelectric pickup. The Kala surprized me with it's rich tone and
full voice. The body is very thin and lightweight. The back is arched
for maximum projection. A low action, along with superb strings
and perfect intonation all the way up to the 5th fret make this
ukulele a prime choice for performing. It sounds superb when
played both acoustically and electrically. A custom embroidered,
padded case is included:


It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!


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Posted - 06/07/2009 :  10:03:13 AM  Show Profile
Aquila strings are softer on the fingers, while producing ample
volume along with superior tone. It is claimed they closely resemble
the gut strings of yesteryear. The result is a vibrant and pleasing

A nicely grained spruce top delivers the beautiful tone of the
Kala Travel Soprano Ukulele. You can see the eveness of the grain.
The bridge is positively attached, producing clarity, volume and tonal

Take a look at the precision fretboard and head stock:

Notice the select mahogany arched back and mahogany sides.
This combination really projects the sound from this small uke.
Also notice the quality geared, covered tuning machine heads
that are smooth easy to turn without binding:

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/07/2009 :  10:04:25 AM  Show Profile
In case you did not notice in the last photo, there is a standard
1/4" audio phone jack to plug into an amplifier for playing at
larger venues or busking:



What good would that electric jack be without an amp?:

That's right folks. This Kala Travel Soprano Ukulele comes with a
Roland Microcube Amp! This amp will run for 20 hours at full power
on a set of 6 AA Alkaline batteries, which makes it suitable for
long gigging venues. It also comes with an A/C adaptor, so you
can plug in to the house or club power when available. The Roland
Microcube is perfectly suited for the voice of the Kala Travel
Soprano Ukulele. The Roland Microcube has a full array of effects:
Chorus, Flanger, Flanger and Tremelo. It also has a seperate
effects circuit for Delay and Reverb! To keep your ukulele in tune,
there's a "tuning fork" to reference your "A" string. Using the wide
range tone control on the Roland Microcube, the tonal voice of
the Kala Travel Soprano Ukulele can be dialed in to your aural
preference. The seperate volume and gain controls allow you to
dial in the "warmth" or clarity. The Roland Microcube also
emulates many popular amps:

1. Acoustic - Roland AC60 acoustic amp - Natural sound.
2. JC Clean - Roland Jazz Chorus - Sparkling, clean jazz tone.
3. Black Panel - Older Fender black faced amps - "Buddy Holly"
4. British Stack - Vox Valve Amps - Beatles, Dave Clark 5
5. Classic Stack - Marshall. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath
6. R-Fier - Mesa Boogie Rectifier - Screaming 70's Metal
7. Mic - P.A. System - Plug a microphone in and sing. It makes
a nice portable P.A. system for outdoor announcements

On the back of the Roland Microcube, you have easy access to
the battery compartment. With 20 hour battery life at full power
playing, you won't be changing these often. There is a jack to
plug in your A/C power supply, with a cable wrap to save your
power supply plug from being pulled out. The power switch is a
convenient push on/off. There are two audio auxilliary inputs -
one in 1/4" stereo phone jack and another in 1/8" stereo phone
jack. An MP3 player can be plugged directly in so you can jam
with backing tracks, or plug in some music at a party and let
it entertain guests for 20 hours of uninterupted music on only one
set of batteries (both the amp and the MP3 player).

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/07/2009 :  10:05:31 AM  Show Profile
Here's the battery compartment opened to show the easy
access. Alkaline batteries are recommended:

See the rugged construction and corner bracing from this front/
side view? The amp strap is tastefully embroidered and very sturdy.
I like to use these as a tie point when hanging amps from the top
braces of an easy-up at street faires and outdoor events. You can
also attach a regular guitar strap and hang the amp off your
shoulders. A good application for this would be playing your uke in
a parade where the outside noise masks the voice of the ukulele:

So you can use the Roland Microcube with your Kala Travel
Soprano Ukulele right out of the box, there is an A/C power supply,
ukulele instrument cable and users manual included:

Take a look at the front and top of the Roland Microcube box for
more illustrations:

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/07/2009 :  10:06:44 AM  Show Profile
Here's another photo of the side and top of the Roland Microcube


That's right, folks. A 2 gigabyte MP3 player with battery and
headphones is also included to plug into the Roland Microcube so
you can play along with songs and/or backing tracks. It also has a
built-in FM radio tuner so you can enjoy your favorite broadcast
channels. Bring this MP3 player and the Roland Microcube to any
outing so everyone can enjoy music anywhere there is no A/C power

The entire loot, about a $400 retail value:

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/07/2009 :  9:52:20 PM  Show Profile
The second prize at the drawing is a Crate CA10 acoustical
instrument amplifier. It produces a very natural sound from
ukuleles and other acoustic/electric instruments I own. There
are volume, bass, treble and middle controls to tailor the sound
to your aural preferences along with a switch and rate control
for chorus. A headpone jack alows you to practice without
disturbing others. The 6.5" speaker and the 10 watt power amp
are a very efficient combo. The owners manual is included:


Take a look at the vintage chickenhead control knobs and clear
lettering. The corners are protected and the wood is covered
with heavy duty green tolex:

With the closed-back design, the CA10 produces a more
accurate sound up front, due to no phase distortion being
added from the backpressure. The A/C cord is three prong
grounded, to further protect from electromagnetic noise
produced by appliances and flourescent lights:

Retail $145 bucks

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/08/2009 :  09:55:35 AM  Show Profile
At many modern acoustic venues, cajons are becoming
popular. The word "cajon", in Spanish, literally means "box".
In Cuba, cod fish crates, church candle boxes, and even
desk drawers are all used as folk percussion instruments:


This cajon is a Meinl Bongo Cajon. It is beautifully crafted
from Siam oak. It has a high and low pitched surface that
produce rich, vibrant, percussive tones that can be played in
bongo patterns. Our third prize drawing is a Meinl Bongo

This has the beauty of a fine piece of furniture and the
funtionality/playability/tonality of a quality folk instrument.
Ergonomically, it can be held in the arms, wedged between
the knees or placed on a surface. It is a perfect compliment
to ukulele music. Many sonal patterns are obtainable. Try the
FREE lessons here:



See the compartments underneath? That's the way the pitch of the
different surfaces on the top of the cajon is obtained:

Retail $90 bucks

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/08/2009 :  11:24:07 AM  Show Profile
Honkin' on Bobo...


One of the most portable instruments around, typically associated
with the blues, tin pan alley and folk music. It seems there's always
one or two at a kanikapila or bluegrass jam that break out a harp
to liven the session:


There are many FREE resources on the web to teach how and
also improve harmonica technique:


This FREE source has a textbook and downloadable CD:


4th prize, among too many to list, is a Hohner Piedmont Blues
Harmonica set. Even the box packaging has important information,
as you will see in the following photos:

Looking from the top at the padded, lined and sectioned zippered
and velcroed case, you will see 7 harps in the keys of (low to high)
G, A, Bb, C, D, E and F. This provides maximum protection and
organization to your harp set:

The harps are quality constructed with brass reeds, aluminum plates
and precision molded combs:

I did not test these harmonicas for hygienic reasons, but have
played my own Piedmont sets for several years. You can bend the
notes with the big boys. Use the case for replacement harps, such
as Blues Harps, Pro harps and Lee Oskar's.


Retail $50 bucks

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/09/2009 :  08:03:47 AM  Show Profile
Here's a showing of many of the other prizes. The odds are high
that many will win a prize:

An MP3 Player with 1 gigabyte of memory. This will hold about
300 songs and run on a single battery for about 35 hours. There
is also a built-in FM tuner and a voice recorder. A flip out USB
connector eliminates the need for a seperat cable. Software is

Retail $40 bucks

A variety of different Kukui Nut Leis. The kukui nut is very oily and
is used like a candle for light. It is also used in some cooking, but is
very bitter. It is slightly toxic uncooked. Kukui nuts also contain
some medicinal qualities:

Retail $20 bucks each

Chicago Blues harmonicas in the key of C. These harps are nickel
plated to protect from corrosion. I have one of my own on top of
my computer desk at home, for impromptu jamming and sorting
out tunes:

Retail $10 bucks each

Various Ukulele String Sets:

Retail average of $9 bucks each

The solution to playing the ukulele and percussion at the same time:
the Rythm Ring!:



With a slight change in your strum, you can create shaker patterns
to add to your ukulele playing. You wear it like a ring on your
strumming hand:

Retail $6 bucks each

At some venues the lighting is a little less than desired. That's where
these L.E.D. booklights come to the rescue! You can conveniently
clip these on to your songbooks and no longer be left in the dark:

Retail $6 bucks each

How about some beautiful, authentic shell stringed leis? These leis
are handcrafted and arranged. They make a nice addition to any
island wardrobe selection:

Retail $5 bucks each

Some of those jazzy songs make you want to shake and dance!
For those festive moments we have Latin Percussion Rythmix

Retail $5 bucks each

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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Posted - 06/10/2009 :  9:02:01 PM  Show Profile
Methinks some are getting lei'd at the kanikapila!:

It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission!
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